E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One

On a larger level, living well is as a kind of civic duty we should each own. All of us are from different regions. But share a common goal. If you step backward you can observe how we, ourselves, are

Wisdom Wednesday – Reach The Summit

Mentally it should give you that empowered, grateful, selfless, bonus-round attitude best captured by Martin Luther King Jr., who said these words, just hours before he would suddenly and fatally meet an assassin’s bullet:

Cycle Touring With Ginja-Ninja

Ginger drinks a lot, and if I also use free water for cooking, tea and brushing my teeth, I can cut down my carried water consumption. So we were ready to wait out the weather. Or pray for a break in the rain… 

Back on the Road 2019

I’m beyond grateful that our tour across the USA is starting in Washington state and as we push forward cycling into Oregon the reality of the alluring nature, charming kindness, and