Shifting Momentum From Negative to Positive

Each day you can craft the conversation you have with yourself. Our minds control what we can and cannot do. It’s a powerful tool – one that has made simple, everyday people,  successful. It will work for you as well.

Growth is the Courage to Risk Failure

Our growth depends on how adaptable we are. Growth is the courage to risk failure. The honesty to own mistakes and the humility to learn from setbacks. When you nurture a growth mindset, you find the strength to begin again even when there is no finish line in sight. Your life stops when learning stops.…… Continue reading Growth is the Courage to Risk Failure

Be Better Than You

There’s no question that depressing things happen in this world. They always have and always will. People lie, cheat, steal. Envy, avarice, selfishness—it’s all out there. And it’s hard to miss. It’s easy to despair about this. What do we do? Must it be this way? What’s the point of being good when everyone else…… Continue reading Be Better Than You