Don’t Give a F…

It is human nature to care deeply. When we put our notions of fortune, fame, happiness, and success aside and get to the core of humanity, it all seems like this constant search and discovery to feel recognized, accepted, valued, appreciated, and loved. You following my blog or the Vatic Foundation indicates the importance of…… Continue reading Don’t Give a F…

Are You What You Think?

If you cannot lead yourself, how will you lead others? Self-leadership is the art of getting extraordinary performance from your skill sets. Each person is free is to discover his or her greatness. One of the enemies that can challenge us on our journey is the relationship we have with our minds. A mind filled…… Continue reading Are You What You Think?

What if One Day You’re Rich and the Next Day Poor

Imagine, one day you’re king and the next day you’re not. Literally. That’s the story of Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, who was made King of Naples and Spain, only to be forced to flee in exile after the reversal of his family’s destiny. Napoleon was sent to an island prison, but Joseph had to…… Continue reading What if One Day You’re Rich and the Next Day Poor

Don’t Let Your Story Limit You

Often we exert so much time and energy worrying about the wrong things. Living in a state of reaction is a poor way to live. I have come to understand on the other side of our failures, mistakes, and obstacles are miracles. Residing too much in the past is a dark and dangerous place to…… Continue reading Don’t Let Your Story Limit You

How to Release Toxic People

Don’t be fooled, toxic people exist in your family, friendships, coworkers, and through everyday interactions. First, let me state my definition of a toxic person – A person who complains and dumps their problems on you but doesn’t do anything to change their situation. Someone who is not supportive. Someone who makes you feel badly…… Continue reading How to Release Toxic People

Foster Greater Self-Awareness

The things you watch, the content you read, and the people you let into your life will significantly determine your opportunities for holistic growth. Each day we have a unique opportunity to foster greater self-awareness. We must accept total responsibility for every choice we have made and will make in the future. Life is a…… Continue reading Foster Greater Self-Awareness

Learn How to ”Stop”

Lets think about our natural, involuntary physiological responses. Someone pours cold water on you, and you shiver. They jump out of nowhere to scare you, and you let out a scream. Someone drives rudely, cuts you off, prevents you from passing, and you get upset. These are natural and understandable reactions to external events. But…… Continue reading Learn How to ”Stop”

’Intra’personal Intelligence

Many of us desire to grow holistically while improving our skill sets and intellectual capacity. My mentor would say to me, each time I changed my mind, Wisdom comes later.” So how do we improve our intelligence and our wisdom at the same time? Wisdom often comes with experiences. But can we add wisdom as…… Continue reading ’Intra’personal Intelligence

Anger – It’s Shamefully Stupid

Here’s whats absurd in life; The need to “get even”. No one would think to return a bite to a dog or a kick to a horse, but when someone hurts us or pisses us off, that’s exactly what we do. These are analogies, but here’s the problem, we blindly believe no one would bite…… Continue reading Anger – It’s Shamefully Stupid