Pain is Growth it’s Never Negative

Difficulties are meant to galvanize, not discourage. Our human spirit grows strong by conflict. To ask “why” can be the first step to bringing about change and transformation. Realize, attempting to avoid a pain-free life is not realistic. Real holistic growth cannot flourish in zones of comfort. It is our responsibility not to become stuck…… Continue reading Pain is Growth it’s Never Negative

Live The Truth

Time and time again, we hear teachers, leaders, family members, and life coaches telling us, ’To say what is right, to do what is right, to be comfortable swimming upstream or rejecting the choices of the masses.’ What usually goes without saying alongside these inspiring calls are, ”If you see fraud, say fraud” or “If…… Continue reading Live The Truth

Rise Above!

I’ve come to realize, each day is an opportunity to break out of your box by liberating the mind and spirit to explore the outer depths of who you are. When we step outside our comfort zone, we join the world of ’disruptors’ seeking to live a bigger, more outrageous, and courageous life filled with impact…… Continue reading Rise Above!

Common Sense

A team mate does something not very smart, causing you to scream out loud, “where is your common sense? Why didn’t you let your common sense take over?” In fairness, we never explain common sense. We assume that everyone can determine the obvious. Common sense is something we all know we should possess, yet we…… Continue reading Common Sense

We Are Not Everything

One of the most haunting moments in all of literature is the moment when King Lear hits rock bottom. He has destroyed his kingdom. He has lost his family. He has lost his sanity. He says to Gloucester as they stand on a cliff: “They told me I was everything. ‘Tis a lie, I am…… Continue reading We Are Not Everything

The 7 Cs of Success

The road to success – winning championship titles in sports, becoming a bestselling writer, or a successful entrepreneur – is just that: a road. And just like you travel along a road in steps, excellence is a matter of steps. Excelling at this one, then the next, and then the one after that. Today, spend…… Continue reading The 7 Cs of Success

It’s Okay To Fire Your Parents

For most people, it’s unimaginable for a grown man or woman to choose to stop all contact with their parents. The people who provided food, clothes, and shelter, attended dance classes, volunteered at school, or cheered from the bleachers during every Rugby game don’t deserve to be abandoned in their old age just because they…… Continue reading It’s Okay To Fire Your Parents

Stop Wasting Time

We’re busy. We’re tired. We have so much to do. We had dreams once, sure, but they slowly deflated. The mortgage, the kids, the job, watching TV, that’s how we fill our days. It’s a slow downward spiral. If you’re not that person, you at least know him or her. They’re a mainstay of the…… Continue reading Stop Wasting Time