Tips Tuesday – Start Today

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain Just Start: Start now Start where you are Start and make mistakes Start with what you have Start moving toward the goal Start with what you already know Start small Start now Just start Be unique, be you, and keep fighting the good fight.…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday – Start Today

Continue Being Unique

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will think it’s stupid.” Albert Einstein I genuinely think you’re capable; everyone is capable of doing something great with our lives. What that something is for you? I don’t know. Many factors come into play – but the only factor you need…… Continue reading Continue Being Unique

Tips Tuesday – Things To Offer Yourself This Week

Stay busy during Covid-19, regroup, and continue to live life. Journal for 10 minutes. Offer loving-kindness to your inner critic. Look for the gift in something you find challenging. Follow your intuition and reflect on what happens. Do one small thing to make your workspace more calming. Be you and be unique. By Brian Nadon…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday – Things To Offer Yourself This Week

The Power Of Kindness 

It costs us absolutely nothing to be kind. Mark Twain once said, “Kindness is the virtue that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Every day, we are presented with an opportunity to be beacons of harmony, love, positivity, strength, and perseverance – in the process, sending the energy of kindness as we…… Continue reading The Power Of Kindness 

Tuesday Tips – 10 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein

Simple reminders are all we need! Create Value Don’t Be Repetitive Make Mistakes Live in the Moment Focus on the Present Imagination is Powerful Follow Your Curiosity Perseverance is Priceless Knowledge Comes From Experience Learn the Rules and Then Play Better Source: Virtues For Life

Ask For Help

It’s the toughest, truly devoted, sharpest, honest, gifted, and most thoughtful that often struggle to ask for help. Our frontline responders know that their duty is to sprint towards the trauma, while others run towards safety. A parent knows to leave their own interests, needs, wants and desires behind those of their children. The comedians…… Continue reading Ask For Help

Inner Power

Life happens for you. Finding strength in the middle of our battles, setbacks, trials, and tribulations becomes a transformative moment for self-examination. These experiences awaken and propel us to new levels of inner power and possibilities. There are always unseen forces ready to support us in our darkest hours. By Brian Nadon

Learning With Each Step

While sitting on my buddies doorstep I’ve come to realize our days / my days have become a battle between darkness and the search for light. In life, when we walk into the darkness of a tunnel, we’re provided with a valuable opportunity to grow and transform before we ultimately re-emerge into the light. We…… Continue reading Learning With Each Step