The Pain We Create

My pain is self-chosen. At least I believe it to be. That belief, the some would concur, is well-founded. Pain is a choice. Now before you get upset hearing that, wait a second. I’m not talking about physical pain. You don’t choose the stabbing pains from a knife wound or a back injury. It’s not…… Continue reading The Pain We Create

Learn How to ”Stop”

Lets think about our natural, involuntary physiological responses. Someone pours cold water on you, and you shiver. They jump out of nowhere to scare you, and you let out a scream. Someone drives rudely, cuts you off, prevents you from passing, and you get upset. These are natural and understandable reactions to external events. But…… Continue reading Learn How to ”Stop”

Anger – It’s Shamefully Stupid

Here’s whats absurd in life; The need to “get even”. No one would think to return a bite to a dog or a kick to a horse, but when someone hurts us or pisses us off, that’s exactly what we do. These are analogies, but here’s the problem, we blindly believe no one would bite…… Continue reading Anger – It’s Shamefully Stupid

Are People Intentionally Ignorant?

People do a lot of things that feel mean. That frustrates us. That cause problems for us. That make the world a worse place. They vote for corrupt politicians. They say offensive things. They make messes. They screw stuff up. This was my day yesterday! Naturally, our first instinct is to get upset about this.…… Continue reading Are People Intentionally Ignorant?