The Pain We Create

My pain is self-chosen. At least I believe it to be. That belief, the some would concur, is well-founded. Pain is a choice. Now before you get upset hearing that, wait a second. I’m not talking about physical pain. You don’t choose the stabbing pains from a knife wound or a back injury. It’s not…… Continue reading The Pain We Create

Live The Truth

Time and time again, we hear teachers, leaders, family members, and life coaches telling us, ’To say what is right, to do what is right, to be comfortable swimming upstream or rejecting the choices of the masses.’ What usually goes without saying alongside these inspiring calls are, ”If you see fraud, say fraud” or “If…… Continue reading Live The Truth

Are You What You Think?

If you cannot lead yourself, how will you lead others? Self-leadership is the art of getting extraordinary performance from your skill sets. Each person is free is to discover his or her greatness. One of the enemies that can challenge us on our journey is the relationship we have with our minds. A mind filled…… Continue reading Are You What You Think?

Don’t Let Your Story Limit You

Often we exert so much time and energy worrying about the wrong things. Living in a state of reaction is a poor way to live. I have come to understand on the other side of our failures, mistakes, and obstacles are miracles. Residing too much in the past is a dark and dangerous place to…… Continue reading Don’t Let Your Story Limit You

Dedicated To Everyone Who Supports – Change

Many of us have become a prisoner of other people’s expectations. We can spend our entire lives searching for love instead of loving the person that yearns for it the most, ourselves. The most valuable things you can give to the world are yourself, your talents, your skills, your wisdom, and

Wisdom Wednesday – Work on What You Can Control

Solving all these problems is probably impossible. Which is why most of us would likely settle for their proper management or at least some amount of pain reduction.

Wisdom Wednesday – Let’s Be Less Angry

But it’s a hard emotion to combat. It’s natural, often almost instinctual. So here is a practical tip I’ve learned to manage my anger, and a piece of advice.

Jealousy is Bullsh!t

What’s worse is that it’s far more pernicious than we think. Competition breeds jealousy, though we often give it prettier labels like “competitive spirit” or “stick-to-itiveness” or “ambition.”