No One Knows What The Future Holds

These difficult times provide meaningful growth opportunities. Experiences like these, in the end, can strengthen who we are and what we stand for. Understand when we become paralyzed by fear, it oozes into all aspects of our life.

11,000 km’s – 24 States – A World of Graditude

What we do together, our message we share, the love we receive, the uniqueness of our tour is only possible because of you. Thank you to everyone who allows us to listen, learn, and offer our message to gain trust within a battered community. You make our world better by being you and Ginger and…… Continue reading 11,000 km’s – 24 States – A World of Graditude

Time is Needed to Regain Your Instinct After a Traumatic Event

Your intuition is a powerful tool and your compass in life. That voice inside your head gives you sound advice. However, many times we hear it but don’t listen to it. After the fact, we then admit our hesitation, our concerns, and become angry with ourselves for not respecting our intuitions. Psychologists suggest that the…… Continue reading Time is Needed to Regain Your Instinct After a Traumatic Event

Dedicated To Everyone Who Supports – Change

Many of us have become a prisoner of other people’s expectations. We can spend our entire lives searching for love instead of loving the person that yearns for it the most, ourselves. The most valuable things you can give to the world are yourself, your talents, your skills, your wisdom, and

Dear eleven-year-old Brian

The hardest battle you will have to fight is to live in a world where every single day someone is trying to make you be a person you do not want to be. Other people’s expectations, opinions, and validation of you will consume a large part of your life. Be mindful and…