Ginger-Bella My Emotional Support Animal

When I came upon my second dog, Ginger, I was moving toward a dreadful, dangerous, depression. I avoided antidepressants because I wanted to die. At the time, I don’t think I would have harmed myself, but I had started privately dreaming the universe would do the job for me. That my plane would crash or…… Continue reading Ginger-Bella My Emotional Support Animal

4,000 Miles – 3,000 Left Across America

Update: I’m feeling sick and tired, bewildered, and on the edge of giving up. But thankfully, I’m not alone, as many of us think the same way in our daily lives.

Cycle Touring – It’s a Strange and Wonderful Life

Before leaving in March, a friend mentioned, “America understands cycling!”, but I wasn’t quite ready for this understatement. To be honest, I’m pretty surprised with the USA in general, I can’t believe how…

Cycle Touring With Ginja-Ninja

Ginger drinks a lot, and if I also use free water for cooking, tea and brushing my teeth, I can cut down my carried water consumption. So we were ready to wait out the weather. Or pray for a break in the rain…