No One Knows What The Future Holds

These difficult times provide meaningful growth opportunities. Experiences like these, in the end, can strengthen who we are and what we stand for. Understand when we become paralyzed by fear, it oozes into all aspects of our life.

Life is About Imperfections

I’ve learned over the years perception is our reality. We are not what happens to us. We are what we choose to become. Life is about imperfections, not about chasing the perfect. The search for perfection is the enemy of creativity, while a life driven by fear kills innovation. The exciting part about our lives…… Continue reading Life is About Imperfections

Tips Tuesday – Vital Skills

Vital Life Skills Undertaught in School Public Speaking Project Management Negotiation Conflict Resolution Empathy Self-Care Development Creativity Financial Literacy The Art of Selling Storytelling Self-Leadership People Management Life will teach us lessons while learning vital skills begins with you. Teach your children, respect the people around you, and be unique. By Brian Nadon

This Week I Will

This week I will: Get creative Prioritize getting plenty of sleep Organize and clean up my email inbox Take a photo of something that inspires gratitude in me Give myself at least 15 minutes of intentional screen-free time If you are committed to growing, you will need to disrupt yourself and your comfort zone.  Enjoy…… Continue reading This Week I Will

Tips Tuesday – Things To Offer Yourself This Week

Stay busy during Covid-19, regroup, and continue to live life. Journal for 10 minutes. Offer loving-kindness to your inner critic. Look for the gift in something you find challenging. Follow your intuition and reflect on what happens. Do one small thing to make your workspace more calming. Be you and be unique. By Brian Nadon…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday – Things To Offer Yourself This Week