Ask For Help

It’s the toughest, truly devoted, sharpest, honest, gifted, and most thoughtful that often struggle to ask for help. Our frontline responders know that their duty is to sprint towards the trauma, while others run towards safety. A parent knows to leave their own interests, needs, wants and desires behind those of their children. The comedians…… Continue reading Ask For Help

Learning With Each Step

While sitting on my buddies doorstep I’ve come to realize our days / my days have become a battle between darkness and the search for light. In life, when we walk into the darkness of a tunnel, we’re provided with a valuable opportunity to grow and transform before we ultimately re-emerge into the light. We…… Continue reading Learning With Each Step

Listen Learn Love

I’m learning there is much more to do, to understand, to conquer, to discover, to live, and so little time to achieve all that must be done. Every day it’s fundamentally valuable for us to focus our energy, talent, and resources on what matters most. Our goal should be to find out how we think…… Continue reading Listen Learn Love

How Should We Be Remembered?

”Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people.” – Peter Strople How should we be remembered? Each day contains a precious gift to unlock our greatest potential and calling while being an effective difference-maker in the life of another person. Picture a world where we all practiced the ”Golden Rule” of…… Continue reading How Should We Be Remembered?

Kindness is Free

Don’t undervalue the power of a kind word, touch or smile. People will never forget how you made them feel. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely. Inspire minds from darkness to light. “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”…… Continue reading Kindness is Free

Common Sense

A team mate does something not very smart, causing you to scream out loud, “where is your common sense? Why didn’t you let your common sense take over?” In fairness, we never explain common sense. We assume that everyone can determine the obvious. Common sense is something we all know we should possess, yet we…… Continue reading Common Sense

Foster Greater Self-Awareness

The things you watch, the content you read, and the people you let into your life will significantly determine your opportunities for holistic growth. Each day we have a unique opportunity to foster greater self-awareness. We must accept total responsibility for every choice we have made and will make in the future. Life is a…… Continue reading Foster Greater Self-Awareness