Reinventing Yourself Today

A large part of our lives can be determined by other people’s expectations, opinions, and validation. Our system is strategically structured to take our lives away from us. Technology has become an unbelievable vehicle to do just that without a person ever realizing that their life is being undermined and controlled. You either control your…… Continue reading Reinventing Yourself Today

Our Christmas Gift

Much last-minute shopping and preparation have taken place this week with the celebration of Hanukkah and Christmas. Many of us will exchange gifts, give thanks to those around us while sending cards to those who are afar. For some, the holidays are the season of faith, hope, gratitude, giving, and, most of all, sharing these…… Continue reading Our Christmas Gift

Wisdom Wednesday – Are You Self-Aware??

The battle for self-awareness is an endless one. The ability to step back and see yourself from a distance, to analyze your own flaws and weaknesses, to understand your own motivations? This is not only not easy; it’s basically not natural. We were given – cursed with all sorts of biases and blind spots that…… Continue reading Wisdom Wednesday – Are You Self-Aware??

Wisdom Wednesday – Time To Live Starts Today

A person who is simply grateful for every day they have experienced, who is measured and disciplined in their actions – never cutting corners or wasting time – and who have done their best with what they’ve been given, has been to their own kind of mountaintop.