Reflect More – Just a Thought

Are your thoughts stemming from a place of love and abundance or lack and fear? Each day we have a chance to grow, learn, and prosper. To challenge our assumptions and to explore the extraordinary depths of who we are. The power of our thoughts has a transformative effect on who we become, and the…… Continue reading Reflect More – Just a Thought

Tips Tuesday – Vital Skills

Vital Life Skills Undertaught in School Public Speaking Project Management Negotiation Conflict Resolution Empathy Self-Care Development Creativity Financial Literacy The Art of Selling Storytelling Self-Leadership People Management Life will teach us lessons while learning vital skills begins with you. Teach your children, respect the people around you, and be unique. By Brian Nadon

Live Life

One of the most significant decisions we will ever make is deciding to live in our truth – completely and without fear. We tend to resist this decision because it shatters our illusions. Each day, we can use the power of our word and action in the direction of truth. When we deliberately focus our…… Continue reading Live Life

Tips Tuesday – Win The Day

Win The Day It is important how we show up each day. Start enthusiastically Have a plan Simplify Give more and serve more Take a break Manage time, energy, and behaviour Winning the day is a lifestyle and hardly a state of mind. An understanding that when we consistently invest the time, energy, discipline and…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday – Win The Day