Be Happy; or Be Very Happy

One of life’s most significant challenges is to be or not to be. Over the last year, I have spent taking a true and false test. I have had to conduct a reflective personal audit of my life while examining and challenging my beliefs. Today, I have come to realize so much of our lives…… Continue reading Be Happy; or Be Very Happy

Dedicated To Everyone Who Supports – Change

Many of us have become a prisoner of other people’s expectations. We can spend our entire lives searching for love instead of loving the person that yearns for it the most, ourselves. The most valuable things you can give to the world are yourself, your talents, your skills, your wisdom, and

Are People Intentionally Ignorant?

People do a lot of things that feel mean. That frustrates us. That cause problems for us. That make the world a worse place. They vote for corrupt politicians. They say offensive things. They make messes. They screw stuff up. This was my day yesterday! Naturally, our first instinct is to get upset about this.…… Continue reading Are People Intentionally Ignorant?

Wisdom Wednesday – Work on What You Can Control

Solving all these problems is probably impossible. Which is why most of us would likely settle for their proper management or at least some amount of pain reduction.

Wisdom Wednesday – Time To Live Starts Today

A person who is simply grateful for every day they have experienced, who is measured and disciplined in their actions – never cutting corners or wasting time – and who have done their best with what they’ve been given, has been to their own kind of mountaintop.

Wisdom Wednesday – Poverty or How We Respond

So to those who live off the system in the woods, waiting for your next cheque, remember – ”Nothing revolves around money and money has no connection to poverty. Poverty is a sickness which deserves your attention to cure.”