Listen Learn Love

I’m learning there is much more to do, to understand, to conquer, to discover, to live, and so little time to achieve all that must be done. Every day it’s fundamentally valuable for us to focus our energy, talent, and resources on what matters most. Our goal should be to find out how we think…… Continue reading Listen Learn Love

Tips Tuesday – Win The Day

Win The Day It is important how we show up each day. Start enthusiastically Have a plan Simplify Give more and serve more Take a break Manage time, energy, and behaviour Winning the day is a lifestyle and hardly a state of mind. An understanding that when we consistently invest the time, energy, discipline and…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday – Win The Day

Live The Truth

Time and time again, we hear teachers, leaders, family members, and life coaches telling us, ’To say what is right, to do what is right, to be comfortable swimming upstream or rejecting the choices of the masses.’ What usually goes without saying alongside these inspiring calls are, ”If you see fraud, say fraud” or “If…… Continue reading Live The Truth

Rise Above!

I’ve come to realize, each day is an opportunity to break out of your box by liberating the mind and spirit to explore the outer depths of who you are. When we step outside our comfort zone, we join the world of ’disruptors’ seeking to live a bigger, more outrageous, and courageous life filled with impact…… Continue reading Rise Above!

The 7 Cs of Success

The road to success – winning championship titles in sports, becoming a bestselling writer, or a successful entrepreneur – is just that: a road. And just like you travel along a road in steps, excellence is a matter of steps. Excelling at this one, then the next, and then the one after that. Today, spend…… Continue reading The 7 Cs of Success

Listen to Learn, and Not to Respond

Many of us confuse existing with living and movement with progression. The moment you take a risk, you have already won. Your first step forward in personal growth and change is always just one step outside of your comfort zone. Many times on our self-discovery journey, life experiences, and obstacles humble us. We think we…… Continue reading Listen to Learn, and Not to Respond