Common Sense

A team mate does something not very smart, causing you to scream out loud, “where is your common sense? Why didn’t you let your common sense take over?” In fairness, we never explain common sense. We assume that everyone can determine the obvious. Common sense is something we all know we should possess, yet we…… Continue reading Common Sense

Stop Wasting Time

We’re busy. We’re tired. We have so much to do. We had dreams once, sure, but they slowly deflated. The mortgage, the kids, the job, watching TV, that’s how we fill our days. It’s a slow downward spiral. If you’re not that person, you at least know him or her. They’re a mainstay of the…… Continue reading Stop Wasting Time

How to Release Toxic People

Don’t be fooled, toxic people exist in your family, friendships, coworkers, and through everyday interactions. First, let me state my definition of a toxic person – A person who complains and dumps their problems on you but doesn’t do anything to change their situation. Someone who is not supportive. Someone who makes you feel badly…… Continue reading How to Release Toxic People