Anger – It’s Shamefully Stupid

Here’s whats absurd in life; The need to “get even”. No one would think to return a bite to a dog or a kick to a horse, but when someone hurts us or pisses us off, that’s exactly what we do. These are analogies, but here’s the problem, we blindly believe no one would bite…… Continue reading Anger – It’s Shamefully Stupid

New YouTube Channel

Help Ginger and Brian by following our new YouTube channel! On March 31st we set back out to cycle 10,500km throughout the USA. Our goal this year is to raise $150,000 for victims of PTSD and C-PTSD. World Tour By Brian Nadon

Me, an Angry Narcissist – Part 1

This was revealing as I had always assumed that anger is a default emotion for situations gone awry. It didn’t occur to me that my angry reaction was a reaction specific to me and…