Listen Learn Love

I’m learning there is much more to do, to understand, to conquer, to discover, to live, and so little time to achieve all that must be done. Every day it’s fundamentally valuable for us to focus our energy, talent, and resources on what matters most. Our goal should be to find out how we think…… Continue reading Listen Learn Love

Tips Tuesday

Three Rules of Life 1. Be kind to yourself and others. 2. Follow your gut. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. 3. Bring your whole self to the game of life. Never hide who you are to make others feel comfortable. “What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not.…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday

Don’t Be a Fool – Live Today

There are plenty of ways to recognize a foolish individual. They say idiotic things. They generate unforced errors. They arouse the equivalent unforced errors persistently. And you tend to recognize a fool when you see one. Equitably, everything foolish you hear coming from someone else or out of your own mouth are the words: “Someday,…… Continue reading Don’t Be a Fool – Live Today

Our Christmas Gift

Much last-minute shopping and preparation have taken place this week with the celebration of Hanukkah and Christmas. Many of us will exchange gifts, give thanks to those around us while sending cards to those who are afar. For some, the holidays are the season of faith, hope, gratitude, giving, and, most of all, sharing these…… Continue reading Our Christmas Gift

Stop Wasting Time

We’re busy. We’re tired. We have so much to do. We had dreams once, sure, but they slowly deflated. The mortgage, the kids, the job, watching TV, that’s how we fill our days. It’s a slow downward spiral. If you’re not that person, you at least know him or her. They’re a mainstay of the…… Continue reading Stop Wasting Time

Fighting is Losing

By Brian Nadon Acceptance? Resignation? That’s not me, we say, I never give up. I’m a fighter. Ok. If you say so, Brian. But there’s a difference between being a fighter and a doer. Remember, one of the outcomes of “fighting” is losing. And that’s what happens most of the time; indeed, every time when…… Continue reading Fighting is Losing