2020 Grads – Develop Positive Relationships

My high school Rugby coach understood the power of creating authentic and genuine relationships. He was not just a rugby coach. He was a nurturer who strived to bring each person’s highest potential to the forefront and taught me, “you win in life with people.” For Coach McDonald, it was more than just about the…… Continue reading 2020 Grads – Develop Positive Relationships

Tips Tuesday – Start Today

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain Just Start: Start now Start where you are Start and make mistakes Start with what you have Start moving toward the goal Start with what you already know Start small Start now Just start Be unique, be you, and keep fighting the good fight.…… Continue reading Tips Tuesday – Start Today

Wisdom Wednesday – Poverty or How We Respond

So to those who live off the system in the woods, waiting for your next cheque, remember – ”Nothing revolves around money and money has no connection to poverty. Poverty is a sickness which deserves your attention to cure.”